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What Is the Best Cluster Headache Treatment?


Cluster headache is a type of primary angioedema characterized by severe unilateral orbital, periorbital, ocular and/or facial pain. This condition can be triggered by stress, fatigue, alcohol and certain foods. It is commonly known as “angioneurotic edema”. In addition to this, it may also be referred to as a migrainous cephalalgia. Cluster headache is extremely Continue Reading…

Treatment for degenerative disk disease

degenerative disk disease

Degenerative disk disease causes the loss of the discs that are located between the vertebrae in your spine. The disks are cushions and shock absorbers, so when they start to wear out the process can result in discomfort and other signs. Although there isn’t a method to cure degenerative disk disease, there are a number Continue Reading…

What is the most effective way to treat arthritis?


Arthritis impacts more than 50 million Americans, making it one of the most frequent conditions that plague the country. There is no known cure for arthritis but there are several treatment options available to help reduce the effects of arthritis. Treatment options include drugs or physical therapy as well as surgery. What exactly is arthritis? Continue Reading…